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Formats for Competitions  2021

CLUB COMPETITIONS - (H) honours board

Club competitions will have such handicap Index limits as are notified.

Tigers Knockout – (0-15.4 Handicap Index, Full difference)
(H) Charlesworth Cup – Matchplay knockout (0-20 Handicap Index. Full Difference)
(H) John Bedford Trophy – Stableford (0-20 Handicap Index) 95%  course handicap
Captains Invitation Day – Better Ball Medal (Ladies may enter) 85%  course handicap
(H) Captains Prize – Captains choice – Medal. 95%  course handicap
(H) Keith Crabtree Trophy – Combined Stableford (0-20 Handicap Index) 85%  course handicap
Presidents Putter – Stableford – No Handicap Index Limit (Ladies may enter) 95%  course handicap
Presidents Invitation Day – Better-ball Stableford (Ladies may enter) 85%  course handicap
Veterans Trophy – Medal. No Handicap Index Limit (Ladies may enter) 95% course handicap
Keith Gough Trophy  - Texas Scramble (25%/20%/15%/10%  Course handicap from lowest to highest handicap. Max allowance 6) (Ladies may enter)
(H) Richardson Trophy – Medal (0 -15.4 Handicap Index) 95% course handicap
(H) Rose Bowl – Bogey (0-20 handicap Index limit) 95% course handicap
(H) Barry Teale Trophy – Stableford. 95% course handicap
Ernest Speight Trophy - 2 person Texas Scramble (Ladies may enter) 35% low/ 15% high course handicap
(H) Frank West Trophy –Individual 36 holes (scratch) 95%  course handicap
(H) Pattison Trophy – Best Aggregate score from any 6 medal rounds which are open to all members between April and October.
Top Dog – Best Aggregate number of points in all club competitions 1st October and £1 march. Winner -3points, second place 2 points, 3rd place 1point. (Monthly medal- double points)
Winter Shield – Pairs Knockout, Better-ball Match Play. No handicap index limit. 90%  course handicap difference
(H) El Alamein and Valetta Cups – Mixed Foursomes – draw for partners after qualifying round for men. Half of combined handicap index. Men to drive on odd numbered holes, Ladies to drive off on even number holes.
Fred Duckworth Trophy – B/B Medal. No handicap Index limit. (Ladies may enter) 85%  course handicap
Roger Holland Trophy - 4 person team event. No handicap Index limit. (Ladies may enter) 85%  course handicap
Graham Snell Texas Scramble (25%/20%/15%/10%  Course handicap. Max allowance 8) (Ladies may enter)

Rabbits Competitions

Joe Bridges Trophy – Pairs (1 rabbit& 1 tiger, or 2 rabbits) 1st round qualifier (85%  course handicap), then top 8 pairs contest match-play knockout (90%  course handicap difference). (Section members)
Halliday Cup – Medal (Handicap Index 15.5 +) 95%  course handicap
Ian Dibb Trophy – pairs winter Knockout (1 rabbit& 1 tiger, or 2 rabbits) .(Section members). Playing off handicap Index. Max Handicap Index 36) (90%  course handicap difference).
Bobs Pot – Stableford. Open to rabbits section Members irrespective of handicap Index. No shot limit. (95%  course handicap).
Millennium Fowler Cup – 4BBB Medal. Open to rabbits section members irrespective of handicap. No shot limit. (85%  course handicap).
Laycock Trophy – Match play knockout (15.5+ handicap index.) (90%  course handicap difference)